Biodiversity Linked Open Data

Biodiversity LOD

Tools to allow the conversion of raw biodiversity data, usually in the form of tables, into machine processable Linked Open Data sets.

Big Data, as found in biodiversity collections and other research products, offers tremendous opportunities for scientific researchers. However, this kind of data, when public available, is not in a machine processable format (usually tables with no metadata).

Experimental data that an investigator collected is often not maintained in a public repository. When it is, it can be challenging even to find it. It is even harder to find all the data from similar experiments. It is generally not possible to compare characteristics of experiments and/or collections.

Usually, the associated metadata is too limited to offer clear insight into what the experimenter actually did or what each piece of data represents. And finally, it is all but impossible for investigators to reproduce other experiments, by using the public metadata about that experiment, or reuse collected data.

Our goal in this project is to create tools to allow the conversion of raw biodiversity data, usually in the form of tables, into Linked Data sets. These data sets will use ontologies to make them machine processable and to link them to other data sets also available as Linked Data.

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Using Spatiotemporal Information to Integrate Heterogeneous Biodiversity Semantic Data

Biodiversity LOD Biodiversity is essential to life on Earth and motivates many efforts to collect data about species. These data are collected in different places and published in different formats. Researchers use it to extract new knowledge about living things, but it is difficult to retrieve, combine and integrate data sources from different places. This work will investigate how to integrate biodiversity information from heterogeneous sources using Semantic Web technologies. Read More ›

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