Computers understanding science

subproject · dsl – Decision support system generator


DSL that allows management of expert domain and user interfaces ontologies to generate web decision support systems. Read More ›

subproject – Auto Correction

Moodle Code Question

Subprojects A Quiz plugin for Moodle to allow programming questions that will be corrected automatically. Read More ›

subproject – Biodiversity LOD

Using Spatiotemporal Information to Integrate Heterogeneous Biodiversity Semantic Data

Subprojects Biodiversity is essential to life on Earth and motivates many efforts to collect data about species. These data are collected in different places and published in different formats. Researchers use it to extract new knowledge about living things, but it is difficult to retrieve, combine and integrate data sources from different places. This work will investigate how to integrate biodiversity information from heterogeneous sources using Semantic Web technologies. Read More ›

subproject – Cancer Staging

Cancer Staging

Subprojects The electronic Physician Annotation Device (ePAD) is a Web-based semantic annotation system for making the content in radiological images machine-accessible on the Semantic Web. Read More ›

subproject · finished – SWRL Rule Editor

Rule Editor

Subprojects SWRL rule editor originally developed to edit rules to classify Autism cases. Read More ›

subproject · finished – Ontology Based Model

Ontology Based Model for Hybrid Reasoning

Subprojects An Ontology Based Model was studied to augment the Behavior Based Model to form a hybrid reasoning system. Capable of handling symbolic processing and behavior based actions. Read More ›

subproject · finished – BBM

Behavior Based Model for Intelligence

Subprojects The Behavior Based Model is based in the idea that complex behavior, such as intelligent behavior, can be accomplished by combining the simple behaviors of hundreds of small, very simple agents. The whole is bigger than the sum of its parts. Read More ›

subproject · finished – Very old projects

Master/Undergraduate Projects

Subprojects Dilvan Moreira's master and undergraduate projects. Read More ›