SWRL Rule Editor

Rule Editor

SWRL rule editor originally developed to edit rules to classify Autism cases.

This project is part of a direct collaboration with Dr. Amar Das, of the BMIR - Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics, on a US National Institutes of Health (NIH) - funded project in autism genetics.

The main NIH grant focused on creating semantic technologies that can help clinicians and researchers systematically characterize the multi- faceted presentation of autism and thus permit more reliable analyses of genetic determinants of specific phenotypes.

Our Autism Rule Editor has helped us to address this challenge with a highly innovative, visual-based approach that categorizes, diagrams and elicits rules on autism phenotypes from physicians. This tool is being implemented within a Web-based version of Protégé—the most widely used, open-source software environment for knowledge modeling in biomedicine. We are currently adapting and testing this approach to meet the needs of autism investigators in classifying phenotypes and traits for genome-wide association studies and other genetics research.

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