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Dilvan Moreira

Computer Science Professor. Research interests: Bioinformatics, Semantic Web and Distance Learning. Supervisor of Ph.D. and M.Sc. students. Experience in many academic research projects funded by Federal and State research agencies.

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Software Developer and Researcher with 15+ years experience in web-based distributed and client/server applications, including technologies such as web services, ontologies (Semantic Web OWL), C, C++ and Java languages on Linux and Windows. Held positions managing research laboratory operations.

Professor with 10+ years experience as a teacher of undergraduate and graduate (M.S. and Ph.D.) computer courses and producer of online teaching material and tools for web based courses.


English: My LinkedIn Page has my Resume.

Portuguese: My Lattes CV has my full academic resume. Lattes CVs are mandatory in Brazil if one is faculty or needs to apply for government scholarships


I am a professor at the Department of Computer Science, Institute of Mathematics and Computing, University of São Paulo. The material of my courses are available online (some material is in English). Since 2008, I am using Moodle in my courses. You can access my courses at my Moodle Site.

The material of older courses (before 2006) is still available, but be careful as some of this material may be outdated.

Research Interests

  • Semantic Web
  • DSL - Domain Specific Languages
  • Bioinformatics



Ph.D. Thesis

M.Sc. Thesis

  • D.A. Moreira, Quantico - Simulador para Circuitos Analógicos que Operam Segundo a Técnica de Quantização, Thesis submited to the State University of Campinas, Campinas-SP, Brazil, January 1991. Download: PDF version or PostScript zipped version.

I was born in Bahia, the most beautiful state of Brazil. My first language is Portuguese and I speak English and Spanish as well.

Member of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) since 1985, IEEE Computer Society since 1986 and ACM (Association for Computer Machinery) since 1994.

I enjoy scuba diving (BSAC Novice I), cycling and jogging. I like to be involved with the Internet community and to hack in Lisp (Clojure), Groovy and Java and have been working with semantic systems. I love working with artificial intelligence, biology and cognitive science.

Extras: Best teams ACM Programming Contest 98-99.

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