Computer aided learning

Learning Tools

Web technologies for education.

I have an interest in using the Web and its technologies for education. All my course materials are online and I have done research, in the past, in tools for Web supported Learning (including Distant Learning).

Sub Projects

subproject – Auto Correction

Moodle Code Question

Learning Tools A Quiz plugin for Moodle to allow programming questions that will be corrected automatically. Read More ›

Research activities

Most material is in Portuguese

  • Distant Learning in Continued Education, a Case Study (2001).
    Vanderley Rosa: Thesis (pdf) and presentation (PowerPoint).

  • A XML Document Server using Java (2001).
    Werley Martins: Thesis (pdf) and presentation (PowerPoint).

  • WebCom: Distance Education Courses Management (2000).
    Elaine Silva: Thesis (pdf) and presentation (PowerPoint)
    Download Software:

  • Web Pages Version Management (2000).
    Marinalva Soares: Thesis (pdf) and presentation (PowerPoint).
    Download Software: VersionWeb-1.0.tar.gz.

  • GAAHA - Automatic Generator of HTML Help Files for Application in Distance Education (2000).
    Paulo Sá: Thesis (pdf) and presentation (PowerPoint).

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